Liquid Tags Pelican Plugin

Posted on Fri 10 July 2020 in Dev Resources

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Image by Vansh Juneja

Pelican has some nice plugins. The liquid tag plugin is no exception. I found the documentation confusing for how to tag images so I wanted to find some examples instead. Found a PR with some examples.

Liquid tags handle the formatting but we need a different plugin if we want to use relative references to our media. I wrote some notes down about the plugin pelican-autostatic to accomplish that.

pelican auto static example

![Cactus Image]({static ./img/cactus100.jpg})

Liguid tag for inserting image with original size

{% img {static|./img/cactus100.jpg} %} 

Liguid tag for inserting image with specific size

{% img /url/to/image.png [width] [height] [title] [alt] %}

Insert HTML5/flash compatible videos:

{% video /url/to/video.mp4 [width] [height] [title] %}

Insert code from a file, with a title and link to download:

{% include_code filename [title] %}

Insert an HTML-rendered ipython notebook:

{% notebook filename.ipynb [cells[start:end]] %}