Git Submodules

Posted on Fri 10 July 2020 in Dev Resources

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When it comes to understanding git submodules things can get tricky real quick. One of the best resources I have found so far on how to work with them is this video.

You might be wondering what kind of use case does a git submodule apply to. This blog for example has a theme maintained by a 3rd party repo. I don't have any immediate intention to PR any code to that repo and would rather have a way to pull the code into this blog project if need be. What I can do is place that 3rd party code in the themes directory and now I can work with it even though it has it's own git log. All my project cares about what commit it needs to reference in teh submodule. If I want to change the commit my blog points to in the submodule I go into that directory and change the branch.

the main commands from this video are:

git submodule add <url> path_to_submodule
  • git submodule add the command to add a sub module to your project
  • <url> the git repo url
  • path_to_submodule where you want it to exist in your super project